Keiji Okagaki (President and CEO)At Akita Port
Offshore Wind Farm to be constructed in the rear


I suppose most people have heard of the word of “global warming”.

It is said to be a climate change issue and is closely related to our usage of energy. It is to cause various influence such as temperature rise and sea level rise on a global basis, abnormal weather, diffusion of diseases in tropical regions due to the increase of carbon dioxide in the air.

The electricity we are using every day is mostly produced by way of combustion of fossil fuel such as coal or natural gas discharging carbon dioxide. Therefore, the effort to convert the current energy source into renewable energy and to reduce the discharge of carbon dioxide is strongly desired.

Under the movement by major countries towards expanding renewable energy, in Japan, the movements are in progress towards the realization of “carbon neutral and decarbonized society in 2050”. In April 2021, Japanese government announced a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in 2030 compared with 2013, which requires making the most of decarbonized power supply such as renewable energy. Further, now that “the 6th basic energy plan” decided by the Cabinet in October 2021 sets the ratio of renewable energy in electricity generation by source as 36-38% in 2030 which means doubling the current one, the concrete actions are required.

Offshore wind generation is greatly expected as the most powerful means of renewable energy. “The vision of offshore wind industries” announced by Japanese government in December 2020 sets an ambitious target of 30,000-45,000MW in 2040. In September 2021, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) are accelerating project formation through announcing that “Off the coast of Happo Town and Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture” was determined as Promoting Sea Area and that 7 Promising Sea Areas and 10 Progressing Sea Areas were selected. In addition to a bottom-mounted type currently used in most cases, the full-scale deployment of a floating type seems essential to achieve the target.

The offshore wind power project at Akita Port and Noshiro Port currently implemented by our company is the first large-scale offshore wind power project in Japan established on a commercial basis and its construction is in progress towards the commercial operation expected in 2022. The expected generation amount from the installed capacity of 140MW is equivalent to the electricity demand for approximately 130,000 ordinary households.

Our company aims at connecting this first challenge in Japan to the expansion of offshore wind power generation on a national basis through co-existence and co-prosperity in close cooperation with a variety of local stakeholders in Akita.

We believe it is evident that this kind of effort needs to be made on a global basis so as to build a sustainable society.

Every person is desired to take actions to save only one earth and make sure of sustainable future.



Keiji Okagaki
President and CEO
Akita Offshore Wind Corporation


Entered Marubeni Corporation in 1993. Have consistently engaged in various power project businesses in domestic and overseas market.
Have worked as project manager based locally when Marubeni participated in an offshore wind power project in UK as the first among Japanese companies in 2011.
Have taken positions including deputy general manager of domestic power business department, and the current position since March 2020. Resides in Akita City.